What is a clinical trial?

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clinical trial is a medical research study involving people. Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of a new medical treatment, drug, or device. They can also be used to look at:

  • The risks and causes of cancer, for example lifestyle factors and genetics
  • New and better ways of preventing, screening and diagnosing cancer
  • New ways of treating cancer, such as new types of treatment, new combinations of treatments, or different ways of giving treatment
  • Side effects to treatments and ways of controlling them
  • Biomarkers to see if a patient will respond to treatment.

In the following video interview, Brenda Martone a Nurse Practitioner from Chicago, USA discusses how she approaches patients about participating in a clinical trial.  She discusses the definition and types of clinical trials and phases of trials that may impact a patient’s decision about participation.  Benda shares insights into her approach of informing patients about what clinical trials are truly about versus some of the myths or preconceived notions that patients may have based upon terminology.

Watch the ‘Patients’ understanding of clinical trials’  video here

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