Kidney cancer treatments

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In this section of the website you will find information about the treatments available for kidney cancer. In particular, we explain the NHS policies governing access to cancer treatments and how to access treatments that are not routinely available in NHS hospitals. There are different and complex funding policies in place, depending upon whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Here we explain how they work.

For more detailed information about these treatments, please see our Essential guides to kidney cancer.

Disclaimer: Our website provides general information only, and none of the information contained within our site shall be deemed to constitute medical advice in any way. You should seek appropriate medical advice or guidance from your doctor or health care team in relation to any medical condition.

Kidney cancer surgery

Surgery for kidney cancer including nephrectomy, ablation and radiotherapy

Kidney cancer medicines

Medicines for advanced kidney cancer available in the UK on the NHS

Access to non-NHS medicines

Access to medicines not available in the UK on the NHS

Side effects to treatment

Management of side effects to surgery, radiotherapy and anti-cancer medicines

Clinical trials and research

Taking part in a clinical trial or research to access new medicines

Health technology appraisals

How decisions are made to use a treatment on the NHS in the UK

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