Coronavirus: Advice for cancer patients

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The COVID-19 vaccination programme has been a tremendous success with two thirds of people aged 12 and over now fully vaccinated in the UK. Rates of infection due to the new Omicron variant are slowing down, and the number of infected people in hospital in the UK remains relatively stable. However, we still need to remain vigilant, and continue to follow Government advice to keep ourselves safe, especially those people who are vulnerable and who have cancer and their families.

To understand and explore the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on kidney cancer patients, Bristol Myers Squibb hosted a patient workshop in partnership with Action Kidney Cancer. During the workshop, patients shared their experiences of how they had felt during the pandemic and how their cancer journey had been impacted.

Action Kidney Cancer also shared how they had been impacted by the pandemic and detailed the services they provided to patients in their time of need. Participants highlighted the inequalities that may have been made worse in kidney cancer by the COVID-19 pandemic, while highlighting new and additional barriers to optimal care.

We are delighted to share with you this report titled ‘Mitigating the impact of the pandemic: a lens on kidney cancer and support groups’:

Mitigating the impact of the pandemic May 2022

Below is some information about coronavirus, and links to websites where you can find the latest information. There is also some advice about coronavirus for people with cancer.

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