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Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer6 days ago
This article, published in Health Central gives some good tips to help people stay strong with a diagnosis of advanced kidney cancer.

Read more on our website here:
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer1 week ago
Sue Brookes is taking part in the Baxter's Loch Ness Marathon on the 1st October to raise funds for us.
Sue had to rest for two weeks after a injury to her achilles, which thankfully was sorted out after a good sports massage!

Since then she has completed two long distance runs one for 18 miles, and another for 13 miles yesterday.

Sue commented "I am really pleased with how these runs have gone and felt really good, I can’t believe the run has come round so quickly. I have one more 10 mile training run left on the 24th September and then it is 26.2 miles at Loch Ness"

If you would like to read why Sue is raising funds for us or would like to support her, please follow the link below:


#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer2 weeks ago
We will be thinking of you tomorrow Albie Thomas as you do your GoSkydive Swansea sky jump to raise funds for us in memory of your father Hopkin.

We look forward to seeing the video and photographs.

If you would like to find out more about the fundraiser please follow the link below:


#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether #skydive
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer2 weeks ago
We would like to share that we have partnered with Trekstock.

Every day in the UK, 38 young people are diagnosed with cancer. Trekstock aim to ensure that every young adult in their 20s or 30s living with cancer and its after-effects gets the tailored support they’re looking for.
They provide wellbeing support services for those in their 20s or 30s diagnosed with, living with and surviving any type of cancer.

To find out more about how they can help, please follow the link below:


#bypatientsforpatients #kidneycancer #StrongerTogether
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer2 weeks ago
Help Jack Albie Thomas raise money to support Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer2 weeks ago
Community map

Using our community map you can identify other patients or carers who live nearby and reach out to them for support, friendship and companionship to bring our community together to support each other.
You can contact other people anonymously in the first instance before building a relationship.

The map also identifies the main kidney cancer hospitals in the UK, as well as Maggie’s Centres and the Action Kidney Cancer team.

To read more about the map and the benefits joining the map will bring please follow the link below:


#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether
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