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It is particularly important to us that when you join our patient support forum on Facebook, you know you are amongst friends who truly understand how you feel.

Our patient support forum is managed by patients, carers and family members who understand the emotional and physical effects of kidney cancer. Every member of our patient support forum has had their life touched by kidney cancer and knows the worry and fear that a diagnosis brings with it.

We restrict membership to kidney cancer patients, carers and immediate family members who live in the UK. Being able to discuss emotional issues amongst other people who feel the same way is a tremendous relief. It is a safe and secure place where you can talk in complete confidence to other group members, or to our admin team. Nobody else can see or read your posts.

We believe passionately that by sharing our experiences and offering mutual support to each other, we can help to make this awful disease a little more bearable.

We are a welcoming and supportive community of over 1400 patients and carers.

Community outreach programme

We are pleased to share how we overcame the challenges of the past couple of years. Many thanks to Cancer52 for helping to create this video. Watch our short video describing the community outreach services that we offer to reduce the feelings of anxiety and isolation after a diagnosis of kidney cancer for patients and their families.

Patient support forum

Join our patient support forum to make contact with other patients and families by clicking on the link below:

Patient Support Forum

Stronger together

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