Ask the expert

During this series of videos, experts in the treatment and care of kidney cancer patients answer your questions.

Disclaimer: All editorial control was retained by Action Kidney Cancer and the sponsors had no influence over the content of these videos. These videos provide general information only, and none of the information shall be deemed to constitute medical advice in any way. You should seek appropriate medical advice or guidance from your oncologist or health care team in relation to any medical condition.

Ask the expert: Clinical trials overview

In this video, Karen McNee talks to Lynn Ho, Uro-oncology Research Nurse at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh about clinical trials, why they are needed, how to find out about clinical trials, and what happens on a clinical trial.

For more information about clinical trials visit About clinical trials on our website. To find a clinical trial near you visit our Clinical trials database.

Psychosocial help for kidney cancer patients

A Click & Chat session with Alison Manning, Person-centred Counsellor and Steve Pointon, Community Development, Action Kidney Cancer, talk about psychosocial help for kidney cancer patients.

Click & Chat nephrectomy special – Part 1
During this Click & Chat special, Mr Steve Leung, consultant urological surgeon from the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh answers your questions about radical versus partial nephrectomy and open versus laparoscopic nephrectomy.
Click & Chat nephrectomy special – Part 2

During this Click & Chat special, Mr Steve Leung, consultant urological surgeon from the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh talks about the follow-up after a nephrectomy operation, the tests that are carried out, what happens to the kidney, post-operative recovery, pathology reports and further treatment if needed.

World Kidney Cancer Day 2020 physical activity video

The World Kidney Cancer Day 2020 campaign was led by Dr Linda Trinh, a world leader on physical activity and cancer from the University of Toronto in Canada. In the following video, Dr Trinh talks about how physical activity can make a huge difference to both cancer prevention and improving treatment outcomes and quality of life for those who have it.

Get active, sit less

In this video, Dr Steve Bromage, consultant urological surgeon, and patients Lynne Ewart and Steve Pointon talk about the physical and psychological benefits of physical activity for kidney cancer patients.

Physical activity: The patient perspective

Julie Martin survived kidney cancer for 19 years. Julie was hugely grateful for the oncology, neurology and orthopaedic care she received during her journey, which was outstanding. Throughout this time, apart from when an inpatient, she kept extremely well. Listen to how physical activity helped her cope with her kidney cancer. Sadly, Julie, a valued member of our community, passed away in October 2021.