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Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer21 hours ago
Are you looking for a challenge?

If so please take a look at the 2024 Ultra Challenge Series of planned events, there really is something for everyone.

If you are a keen walker keen walker or runner looking for a challenge, there will be something to suit you.

Perhaps you want to get your steps in or re-energise, and maybe do some fundraise for us at the same time.

If so, these events are for you! Whether it’s along a stunning coastline, or on trails in the best of Britain’s countryside, your Ultra Challenge will be unforgettable.

To look at the events still available please follow the link below:


#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer1 day ago
Have you or a family member been diagnosed with kidney cancer?

If so please consider joining our Patient support forum on Facebook, every member of our patient support forum has had their life touched by kidney cancer and knows the worry and fear that a diagnosis brings with it.

It is a safe and secure place where you can talk in complete confidence to other group members, who understand the emotional and physical effects of kidney cancer. .

It is a place where you know you are amongst friends who truly understand how you feel.

We believe passionately that by sharing our experiences and offering mutual support to each other, we can help to make this awful disease a little more bearable.

To find out more and join, please follow the link below:


#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer2 days ago
This is a final call to all kidney cancer patients to help @Cancer52 in their work.

They would like to hear from patients with a rare and less common cancer, which includes kidney cancer

If you have not already done so, why not grab a cuppa and help them by completing the survey, this will to help shape Cancer52’s work to raise the collective voice of rare & less common cancers and ensure the kidney cancer patient voice is heard.

All responses to the survey are anonymous and the survey is
fully GDPR compliant.

Please take the survey: https://bit.ly/C52survey

#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer4 days ago
Summer is here, this is now the time to host a Mad Hatter’s tea party, as they will be taking place during the summer months, all you have to do is choose your date!

To host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party it could not be easier; all you need is some sweet treats and a crazy hat and you are good to go!

There is something for everyone; it can be big or small, in your garden, at a hall or virtually; the choice is yours. Every afternoon tea is enjoyed as a way to help us support families affected by kidney cancer.

To find out more and access our fundraising pack please follow the link below:


#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer5 days ago
Over the past few years, there has been extreme pressure on NHS cancer services in England. The use of cancer waiting times shows whether the NHS is meeting its targets for diagnosing and treating cancer quickly. These targets also help show the extent of the pressure on the NHS in England.

A recent press release from Cancer Research UK shows how well the NHS in England is performing against these targets.

Read more on our website here:
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer5 days ago
Steve Pointon from our team attended the WECAN patient advocacy masterclass training event over 3 days in Barcelona. At the event, Steve gave a presentation on the long-term impacts of survivorship, discussing the financial, mental, and social effects on patients.

During the event, there was the chance to network with patient advocates from across Europe, exchange ideas and experiences and learn from expert advocates.

Read more on our website here:
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