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Latest kidney cancer news

15 Feb 2024

PRISM study highlights possibility of reducing dose of immunotherapy

15 Feb 2024

World-class radiotherapy in the UK

7 Feb 2024

Summary of kidney cancer highlights from ASCO GU 2024

2 Feb 2024

Cancer treatment could identify patients most likely to respond to cancer drugs

2 Feb 2024

Belzutifan and shows better quality of life compared to everolimus

18 Jan 2024

Lenvatinib plus pembrolizumab for advanced kidney cancer

16 Jan 2024

Patient's perspective on pembrolizumab/lenvatinib for kidney cancer

9 Jan 2024

METEOR study: Cabozantinib compared to everolimus in advanced kidney cancer

9 Jan 2024

‘No stupid questions’ for newly diagnosed kidney cancer patients

18 Dec 2023

FDA approves belzutifan for advanced kidney cancer

11 Dec 2023

Cancer signs on urinal mats in pubs and football grounds

30 Nov 2023

Belzutifan for advanced kidney cancer: long-term follow-up

Action Kidney Cancer

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Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer1 week ago
The PRISM study was a randomised, phase 2 study comparing the standard dosing schedule of ipilimumab/nivolumab with a modified dosing schedule. The modified dosing schedule of ipilimumab/nivolumab every 12 weeks resulted in more patients being able to tolerate the treatment and stay on treatment, and a similar response to treatment.

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Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer1 week ago
Led by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy, the radiotherapy community has launched a bold new 10-year vision named World-class Radiotherapy in the UK: Right Patient, Right Treatment, Right Time.

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Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer2 weeks ago
Siew has very kindly organised a memorial concert on the 23rd March at St Michael’s church Elmwood Road in Chiswick, London, to honour the memory of her husband John Walton. Siew wishes to raise awareness of kidney cancer and also raise funds for us.

The concert is to honour the memory of John and to celebrate his life. John inspired many of us with his courage in overcoming adversity in his fight against cancer.

John loved to play and listen to music and the choice of music selected for the concert will reflect this. Please join us at the concert, all welcome.

For more information and to buy tickets, please follow the link below:

#kidneycancer #bypatientsforpatients #StrongerTogether
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer3 weeks ago
For more information about patient and public involvement in cancer services, please watch this short engaging video from Mesothelioma UK:
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer3 weeks ago
The National Kidney Cancer Audit (NKCA) Service is asking for help from kidney cancer patients or their carers or family members. If you would like to volunteer and help shape the way patients are cared for during and following treatment, then please get in touch with us and include NKCA in your email subject heading and we will put you in touch with the NKCA.

Please email us at support@actionkidneycancer.org
Action Kidney Cancer
Action Kidney Cancer3 weeks ago
This year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology Genitourinary Cancers (ASCO GU) Symposium was held from 25-27 January 2024, in San Francisco, California, USA. The International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) and Julia from Action Kidney Cancer went to the meeting to keep up to date with the care and treatment of patients with kidney cancer. Below are brief ‘Take home messages’ from the kidney cancer clinical trials presented at the symposium, followed by the full report containing more in-depth reviews of the results from these trials.

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