Useful resources

On this page you will find some useful links to various websites containing a wealth of reliable information about kidney cancer and clinical trials. There are also links to other patient support groups, and organisations providing help and advice on legal, social welfare, prescription costs and benefits for cancer patients.

If you come across any websites that you feel would be useful to have on this page and that would benefit other patients or their families, please feedback to us by email.

Information about kidney cancer

Links to websites with useful information about kidney cancer

Information about the kidneys

Links to websites with useful information about the kidneys

Support organisations

Links to websites with for various cancer support organisations

Information about clinical trials

Links to websites and databases for kidney cancer clinical trials

Information about benefits advice

Links to websites about the benefits available for cancer patients

Legal and social welfare advice

Links to websites to help with legal and social welfare advice

Healthcare and prescription costs

Links to websites to help with healthcare and prescription costs