Questions for your doctor

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Questions about the trial

  • What is the purpose of the trial?
  • How long will I be in the trial?
  • How many assessments/hospital visits are there and when do they take place?
  • What kinds of tests and treatments are involved?
  • How will the doctor know if the treatment is working?
  • How will I be told about the trial’s results?
  • How long do I have to make up my mind about joining this trial?
  • Who can I speak with about questions I have during and after the trial?
  • Who will be in charge of my care?
  • Is there someone I can talk to who has been in the trial?

Questions about risks and benefits

  • What are the possible side effects or risks of the new treatment?
  • What are the possible benefits?
  • How do the possible risks and benefits of this trial compare to those of the standard treatment?

Questions about your rights

  • How will my health information be kept private? And what happens to my health information after the trial?
  • What happens if I decide to leave the trial?
  • Do I have to give a reason if I decide to leave the trail?
  • Will my treatment and care be affected if I decide to leave the trial?

Questions about costs

  • Will I have to pay for any of the treatments or tests?
  • Will I have to pay for travel to the hospital for trial assessments/hospital visits, including car parking if I travel by car?
  • If I don’t have my own transport, can I get help travelling to the hospital for trial assessments/hospital visits?

Questions about daily life

  • How could the trial affect my daily life?
  • How often will I have to come to the hospital or clinic?
  • If I need to go to another hospital for some of the tests, how far away will this be?
  • Will I have to stay in the hospital during the clinical trial? If so, how often and for how long?
  • Will I have check-ups after the trial? If so, how often are the check-ups?

Questions about other treatments

  • What are the other treatments for my kidney cancer, including standard treatments?
  • How does the treatment I would receive in this trial compare with the other treatments?

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