Information about diet and cancer

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Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust provides information in a number of short 2-minute patient-friendly videos about diet and cancer. Visit their website here.

ALCER Renal Foundation, a kidney cancer patient organisation in Spain, has produced a comprehensive booklet about diet and nutrition for kidney cancer. Read their booklet in English here.

Cancer Research UK has a good section on their website about how a healthy balanced diet can help reduce the risk of cancer and the truth about some common food questions and myths, including so-called ‘superfoods’, sweeteners and soy. Visit their website here.

Macmillan Cancer Support produces some booklets on healthy eating and cancer and physical activity and cancer. Visit their website here.

British Dietetic Association provides information about probiotics to keep your microbiome healthy. Your microbiome is the collection of all the microorganisms and viruses that live mainly in your gut, but also in other parts of your body. The human microbiome may play a role in a keeping you healthy. Studying the human microbiome may help prevent and treat disease in the future. Visit the British Dietetic Association website for information about probiotic to keep you microbiome healthy.

The Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Charity produces a cancer cookbook with lots of nutritious recipes for, during, and after cancer treatment, to share with friends and family. You can buy it from their website here. The funds raised will go to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

A guide to a ‘proper’ diet with ‘appropriate’ supplements This help sheet on our website explains a ‘proper’ diet for cancer patients and the ‘appropriate’ use of supplements: Read the help sheet here or download it from our website here.

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