Katie Parry, from Barry in Wales, is jumping out of a plane in tribute to her adventurous grandfather who taught her how to windsurf and who sadly passed away from kidney cancer 2 years ago.

She is raising money for Action Kidney Cancer by skydiving, in memory of her grandfather and a close family friend who also died from kidney cancer.

“We called my grandfather the Bionic Man. He was just amazing. You would never have even known he was ill. He fought against the disease for 27 years before passing away two years ago,” said Katie. Her grandfather was diagnosed with kidney cancer when Katie was three years old. “I have nothing but wonderful, active memories of him.”

So…… on 24 August 2024 Katie is jumping out of a plane to raise some money for Action Kidney Cancer!

Kidney cancer has affected so many people in Katie’s family and she wants to do something to give back. Every donation will help so please give anything you can!
Katie will be jumping from 15,000 ft with a whole 60 seconds of free falling before the parachute ‍is released!