We have set up a GoSkyDive charity page. You can book a charity tandem skydive through our charity page and set up an online fundraising page. This is a fun way to raise awareness of kidney cancer to ensure earlier diagnosis, while helping to raise funds to allow us to continue to support people with kidney cancer and their families and carers.

Raising money for your tandem skydive via an online fundraising page makes it quick and simple for your friends and family to support you. You can share the link to your fundraising page via your social media pages and through texts and emails.

If you need help putting together your jump package, the GoSkyDive Team is more than happy to assist you. You will get a charity discount of £25 off the 10,000 ft or 15,000 ft skydives when you book using our charity page.

Visit the Action Kidney Cancer GoSkyDive charity page to book