Project Flutter

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Project Flutter is Mary Sopher’s own personal project to help brighten up the lives of other patients during their kidney cancer journey.

We are delighted to be supporting this wonderful initiative which started as a result of her personal experience with kidney cancer. Mary is hoping to bring a little brightness to other patients with her Butterfly Bags and Comfort Cushions.

Mary was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the end of 2017. “It rocked my world and shook my family to the core. The effects of such a diagnosis remain to this day in the different ways that it has changed our lives. I’ve always believed that some good should be derived from the bad experiences in life, and so I hope to change the experience of others in some small way.

“My hope is to reduce the isolation that can be caused by this illness, mainly due to the limited awareness and understanding for this type of cancer. They are called Butterfly Bags because at the most difficult times during my illness, I had several encounters with a butterfly, at times when leaving the house for treatment, and other stressful moments, which provided comfort.

​“You often hear of people being diagnosed with cancer, but you never expect it to happen to you. It’s a life changing event. At my diagnosis I discovered locally, there was little support, understanding or awareness of kidney cancer. Information was limited, with no booklets provided at the hospital to read, or referrals to any support network etc. All of which would have made a difference. The thing that doesn’t prepare you for a diagnosis with kidney cancer, is just how alone you can feel.

“​I started Project Flutter to provide kidney cancer patients with Butterfly Bags containing essential items and treats, that are useful for any hospital stay, or just as a ‘pick me up,’ and to bring a little brightness at a difficult time. It is hoped by doing this more awareness for kidney cancer can be increased.”

​Butterfly Bags

A typical Butterfly Bag can contain toiletries, eye mask, candle, peppermint teabags, sweets, tissues, notebook, socks etc. They are available for male and female patients. Products will vary depending on availability.

In every Butterfly Bag there is information and support advice from Action Kidney Cancer.

Comfort Cushions

Comfort Cushions are sewn with kindness to provide comfort and support for kidney cancer patients following nephrectomy surgery and during treatment. They are made in a variety of colourful, patterned, washable fabric. They are sewn by some lovely sewing bees who volunteer to do this.

They are practical, useful and supportive both at home and whilst receiving treatment. They are ideal for use as a ‘cough cushion’ in the early days following surgery, and also during ongoing treatment.

Each Comfort Cushion has a personal handwritten label and al leaflet with information and support advice from Action Kidney Cancer. They are beautifully wrapped and delivered in bright cheerful packaging.

Butterfly Bags and Comfort Cushions are free to patients. They are available at hospitals through the clinics or cancer centres.

You clinical nurse specialist can simply get in touch with Mary if they wish their patients at their hospital to be supported in this way. To order the bags or cushions the CNS needs to contact Mary.

This is a wonderful initiative and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive and inspiring.

Action Kidney Cancer is working with Mary by providing information about kidney cancer, such as diagnoses and treatments, and helping with support, information and access to treatments.

For more information about the Butterfly Bags, please visit the Butterfly Box website.

Thank you for your supporting Mary’s Project Flutter and brightening the lives of kidney cancer patients!

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