A guide to a ‘proper’ diet with ‘appropriate’ supplements

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Neil Feldman (1953 – 2015) was an active advocate and stage IV American kidney cancer patient who was very interested in what he could do to complement his prescribed kidney cancer treatment. He undertook a great deal of reading and talked at great length to clinicians and many other patients during the research he carried out for this booklet about diet and supplements. His approach was based on evaluating all dietary considerations in light of normal and abnormal cell metabolism. Some of it is based on information found in the 19 books and videos that he lists at the start of the guide, and which he suggests all kidney cancer patients would benefit from reading, while the rest is based on credible peer-reviewed articles and papers found in PubMed and similar online sources. These are Neil’s personal thoughts and ideas, and as he points out in his introduction:

The content and references contained in this guide are intended solely for the information and education of the reader. It is not to be used for treatment purposes; it is to inspire thought and/or drive discussions between patient and healthcare provider.

The information presented is not intended to diagnose health problems or replace professional medical care; nor should it be considered a substitute for seeing a physician.

A Guide to a ‘Proper’ Diet with ‘Appropriate’ Supplements

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