Kidney cancer is the 8th most common cancer in Yorkshire. It has a poor survival rate, with only 6 out of 10 patients diagnosed with kidney cancer still alive after 5 years. This is partly because many people with kidney cancer don’t have any symptoms. In some of these people, kidney cancer is only found by chance during investigations for other reasons. In others, it is often not diagnosed until the disease has passed the point at which it can be cured.

Screening for kidney cancer can pick up these cancers earlier and increase the number of people who can be cured. The Yorkshire Lung Screening Trial offers people aged 55-80 with a history of smoking a CT scan as part of a lung health check. This group of people is also at increased risk of developing kidney cancer. The Yorkshire Kidney Screening Trial will piggyback the Lung Screening Trial and offer an extra CT scan for kidney cancer. The extra scan will take about 10 seconds.

For more information about how to get on the Yorkshire Kidney Screening Trial, please see our clinical trial database here.