A recent study published in BMC Medicine this month investigates clinical and pathological variables and outcomes of 556 patients with papillary renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with the view to developing a scoring system to help predict the likely course of the disease in patients (a prognostic scoring system).

The VENUSS prognostic score included the presence of venous tumour thrombosis, nuclear grade, size, and T and N stage. VENUSS was used to group patients according to the risk of recurrence (low, intermediate and high) in non-metastatic papillary RCC following surgery.

Oligometastatic recurrent disease was reported in 91.7% of low-risk patients compared with 16.7% and 40.0% of intermediate- and high-risk patients, respectively.

The study concluded that the VENUSS prognostic score may be superior to standard models currently being used for tailoring postoperative follow-up and clinical trial enrolment in patients with papillary RCC.

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