The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting is the biggest cancer conference in the world. This year’s conference took place in Chicago last week, and attracted more than 35,000 cancer researchers, oncologists, patient advocates, politicians and other major players in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

One of the hottest topics this year was immunotherapy, with presentations on new therapies for lung cancer, metastatic melanoma, advanced kidney cancer and much more, including exciting results from Dr Cameron Turtle from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center regarding his recent work with CAR T-cell therapies in leukaemia and lymphoma patients.

Hundreds of new findings and insights were presented during the five-day event in Chicago, covering everything to do with cancer, including biomarkers, prevention, palliative care, survivorship, and social media. There was even news of a new drug that uses artificial intelligence to slow the growth of cancer. This article summarises the main take home messages from ASCO 2016.

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