A study published in Clinical Genitourinary Cancer looks at the treatment of patients with metastatic RCC with sunitinib after they have already been treated with sunitinib and have stopped responding.

Sunitinib is the standard of care for patients with metastatic RCC. However, nearly all patients will eventually stop responding to treatment with sunitinib and develop resistance to it. This study looked at the efficacy and safety of treating metastatic RCC patients with sunitinib for a second time.

A total of 31 patients were included in the analysis. Patients were treated with sunitinib for a median time of 17.8 months initially and then re-challenged with sunitinib for a median duration of 7.2 months. Median overall survival was 57.9 months and 14.7 months, and median progression-free survival was 14.2 months and 5.6 months, for upfront sunitinib and re-challenge with sunitinib, respectively.

In conclusion, re-challenge with sunitinib appears to benefit patients in later treatment lines. Re-challenge with sunitinib may be an additional strategy to improve outcomes for metastatic RCC patients in areas where newer treatment options are not available.

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