A recent study published in European Urology Oncology this month looked at the impact of tumour size on survival in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) who had had surgery to remove their tumour.

The researchers interrogated two databases from America, looking at tumour size and overall survival. Data from over 1,000 patients were analysed in the study.

Clear cell RCC tumours less than or equal to 4cm in diameter were significantly associated with improved overall survival in patients with metastatic RCC and who had undergone surgical removal of their primary tumour. The association was observed even after adjusting for known prognostic factors. However, the study did not include patients who were considered unable to cope with surgery, and there was also a potential selection bias for the patients in the study.

In conclusion, very small masses (≤4cm) were associated with better prognosis in patients with clear cell RCC tumours.

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