We urgently need your help to stop plans that would delay vital new drugs and treatments getting to patients. A final decision is expected in two weeks – make your voice heard today!

NHS England and The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have put forward proposals, which threaten to have a devastating impact on access to vital new health treatments for millions of people. There is a real risk that some patients may die while life extending treatments are kept just out of reach. We urgently need you to to sign this petition calling on NHS England to reconsider.

NHS England and NICE are proposing that if any new treatment is approved for use on the NHS in England, but will cost more than a set amount per year overall, then access can be restricted and delayed with no limits on how long this can last. If this was set at £20 million as in their draft proposal, this would mean that around 1 in 5 new treatments will potentially be delayed. This undermines what our health service is supposed to be all about.

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