An article in the Pharma Times reports on warnings from The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) that a severe shortage of radiologist in the UK is risking early diagnosis of cancer.

In a report published by the RCR, which examines the state of the radiologist workforce, the RCR warns that late diagnoses and delayed scan results are “a very real likelihood for patients” if the shortage of radiologists is not addressed. The report also states that in 2016 the NHS paid out an estimated £88 million for out-of-hours reporting of X-rays and scans, while nearly two-thirds of radiologist posts remained empty for 12 months or longer: This could have funded 1,028 full-time consultants.

Dr Nicola Strickland, President of the RCR said: “The Government seems intent on sticking its proverbial head in the sand, constantly failing to invest in the much-needed trainee radiologists who will become the consultants of tomorrow”.

The Pharma Times article is available here and the RCR report is available here.