In this interview, Dr Daniel George from the Duke Cancer Institute, Durham, USA discusses results from the IMmotion 150 clinical trial. IMmotion 150 was a randomised phase II study comparing sunitinib with atezolizumab, a PD-L1 inhibitor, versus the combination of atezolizumab with bevacizumab, a VEGF-targeted antibody, as a first-line treatment for previously untreated renal cell carcinoma patients.

The study showed an improvement in progression-free survival for the atezolizumab plus bevacizumab arm compared to sunitinib, particularly in patients that had PD-L1–positive tumours. Patients with intermediate to high risk disease benefited the most from the combination of atezolizumab plus bevacizumab, with median progression-free survival of 12 months versus only about 5 or 6 months with sunitinib, suggesting that this is the group of patients that need to be targeted with this strategy.

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