The 2018 NHS Cancer Patient Experience Survey showed that nine out of ten patients are happy with the care and support they’ve received. This is despite record numbers of people being checked for cancer and surviving, with 2.2 million being checked in 2018. The NHS Long Term Plan is aiming for even more people receiving an early diagnosis of cancer.

Highlights of the survey include the following:

  • The 73,817 respondents gave an average rating of 8.80
  • Results show that the efforts to give patients more personalised care is working:
    •  5,721 more patients said that they had been offered financial support, compared to 2015
    • 4,767 more patients said that they got more support like self-help groups, compared to 2015
    • 4,022 more said they were happier with the length of time waiting for appointments, compared to 2015
  • The average rating given by Asian respondents increased from 8.17 in 2017 to 8.29 in 2018
  • 94% of respondents said that hospital staff told them who to contact if they were worried about their condition or treatment after they left hospital
  • 95% of respondents said that, as far as they knew, their GP was given enough information about their condition and the treatment they had at the hospital
  • 91% of respondents said that they were given the name of a Clinical Nurse Specialist who would support them through their treatment.

Read the full report on the Quality Health website here