Macmillan Cancer Support has recently published the results from their annual Cancer Patient Experience Survey, which reveals that around 120,000 cancer patients a year feel that topics, such as treatments and side effects, were not fully explained to them by NHS staff. This made them feel “left in the dark” by the NHS.

Thirty-nine percent of patients (around 120,000 people a year) who responded to the survey said the longer-term side effects of treatment were not fully explained to them. Further, around a quarter of patients surveyed said the possible side effects were not explained to them before starting treatment. This may make patients “feel uncertain about treatment, feel forced to give up a job or feel unsure about how to prepare for the impact cancer might have on them physically, financially and emotionally”, explained Macmillan.

The charity cited “soaring” pressures on the NHS, leaving staff unable to provide the appropriate care for patients.

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