NOTION is a research study to develop an early detection system that aims to help future patients with the side effects of immunology treatments. Information from medical records will be used for the research study and for future research.

Many patients who receive immunotherapy experience side effects. If these can be detected earlier, clinicians can help patients better manage these side effects and cope better with their treatment. This means potentially staying on the treatment for longer.

The study aims to detect these side effects early by measuring a protein in blood (called a ‘cytokine’) that is released by the immune system to help fight cancer. Currently cytokines are not measured routinely in blood samples. The study will focus on particular types of cytokines for this research. The results from the measurement of these cytokines will not affect individual patient treatment plans.

KCSN, in particular Steve Pointon and Rose Woodward, have been involved in the development of a patient information sheet for the research study, and we would like to thank all those patients who also contributed their opinions which resulted in a patient-friendly information sheet.

The NOTION study is being conducted at the Christie Hospital in Manchester by the Digital Experimental Cancer Medicine Team. Here is what they said about KCSN’s involvement:

“As a research group it is vital we have input from the general public and patients around our projects, to ensure that we are always designing our trials for them. The KCSN were incredibly helpful and turned around a patient involvement discussion within a few weeks. The group were completely engaged, thoughtful, considered and generous with their feedback, which will shape the way our trial supportive literature looks.  It was an absolute pleasure and we are very grateful to Steve and the participants for their contribution. We look forward to engaging in this way again.”

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