Today Cancer Research UK is publishing ‘Longer, better lives: A manifesto for cancer research and care.’

The manifesto can be found on the Cancer Research UK website here: Longer, better lives: A manifesto for cancer research and care

There are three documents on the website: the full manifesto, a detailed programme for government, and a much shorter public facing manifesto. There are 5 key pledges which will help to advocate for the policy changes we need to see. Collectively these documents set out a blueprint for government to enhance the science and research environment in the UK and dramatically improve cancer survival in this country.

The ambition is to reduce the cancer mortality rate by 15% by 2040 – preventing 20,000 cancer deaths every year.

The manifesto has been informed by conversations with patients, health professionals, stakeholders, scientists and researchers, and provides a good foundation and a compelling rationale for the government and all political parties to prioritise cancer in their forthcoming manifestos.

Five missions are highlighted in the manifesto:

Mission 1 Rebuild the UK’s global position in biomedical research

We want the UK Government to pledge to back research: Set out a plan to close the more than £1 billion funding gap for research into cancer over the next decade.

Mission 2 Prevent more cancers than ever before

We want the UK Government to pledge to end cancers caused by smoking: Raise the age of sale of tobacco and fund a world-leading programme of measures to help people who smoke to quit.

Mission 3 Diagnose more cancers early

We want the UK Government to pledge to drive earlier diagnoses: Implement proven measures, including a lung screening programme, to diagnose cancers early and reduce inequalities in access.

Mission 4 Bring innovation to patients more quickly and reduce inequalities

We want the UK Government to end the waits: Ensure cancer wait time targets are met across England.

Mission 5 Build a national movement to beat cancer, sooner

We want the UK Government to lead on cancer: Publish a long-term cancer strategy for England and establish a National Cancer Council, accountable to the prime minister, to drive cross-government action on cancer.