A recent paper published in The Oncologist has shown that the combination of avelumab and axitinib has long-term activity in previously untreated patients with advanced kidney cancer. The paper describes an 5-year update of the data from the JAVELIN Renal 100 trial, and shows long term responses to treatment and no new side effects.

The phase 1b JAVELIN Renal 100 trial included 55 patients with previously untreated, advanced kidney cancer. The patients were followed for an average of nearly 5 years. The average duration of avelumab treatment was 10.4 months, and 10.6 months for axitinib.

The average duration of response to treatment was nearly three years and the overall survival time was not reached. 60% of patients responded to treatment and their cancer got smaller. 10.9% of patients had a complete response to treatment and their cancer was no longer detected.