The following presentations from the Educated Patient® Kidney Cancer Summit on the 9 April 2022 discuss the merits and side effects of the immunotherapy and tyrosine kinase inhibitor combinations for the treatment of advanced kidney cancer.

During the 1990s, there were limited treatment options for patients with kidney cancer. The treatment that were available, such as interkeukin-2, tended to be very toxic and with major side effects.

The presenters run through the give a recap of the development of kidney cancer treatments since the early 2000s, ending up focusing on the immunotherapy and TKI combinations and the improvements in survival and safety that these bring.

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Watch the video on immunotherapy/TKI combinations on Cure20 here

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Kidney cancer was never very responsive to chemotherapy drugs that we’ve had around for longer, so for years, we had very little to offer patients with advanced kidney cancer,” Dr Yorio said in an interview with CURE®. “So now you’ve opened up this whole new world where we’ve got TKIs…and immunotherapy — two different types of pathways to go down that we didn’t even have 20 years ago.”