Axitinib is a medicine for the treatment of advanced kidney cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. It works by stopping the cancer cells from growing by preventing nutrients and oxygen from reaching the tumour. Axitinib has been approved for the treatment of advanced kidney cancer as either a first treatment option or second treatment option. It is used as a first treatment option when combined with a medication that stimulates the immune system (immunotherapy), either avelumab or pembrolizumab. If the kidney cancer starts growing again it can be used by itself as a second treatment option.

Clinical studies are needed to see how well the medicine works and whether it has any side effects to understand whether it is safe to give to people. Future Science has published a plain English summary of the results of 5 studies looking at how long side effects last after axitinib treatment is temporarily stopped.

Researchers found that side effects generally got better in 3 days or less after people stopped taking axitinib on its own. The time it took for side effects to get better was generally shorter than for other similar drugs or combinations of axitinib and immunotherapy.

The purpose of this plain English summary is to help you understand the findings from recent research. Health professionals should make treatment decisions based on all available evidence.

Click on this link to download a pdf of the Future Science report: Axitinib side effects