Cancer Research UK has looked at data from the NHS Digital cancer registration, which provides the most complete cancer data of the incidence of various cancer types by ethnicity in England. The report of their findings are published in the journal Nature here. 

The report found that white people in England, are more than twice as likely to get some types of cancer, including melanoma skin cancer, oesophageal, bladder and lung cancers compared with people from Black, Asian or Mixed ethnic backgrounds. 

Black people are almost three times more likely to get myeloma and almost twice as likely to get prostate cancer compared with White people.

The study also found that Black people are more likely to get stomach and liver cancers, and Asian people are more likely to get liver cancers – cancer types that can be linked to infections including Helicobacter pylori and hepatitis, which are more common in some ethnic minority groups.

Read the press release on the Cancer Research UK website here