Encouraging results have been published for two phase 1/2 COVID-19 vaccine trials, one from the University of Oxford with support from Astra Zeneca, the other from researchers supported by CanSino Biologics in Wuhan, China.

Both groups used a virus vector, and both report responses of the vaccine to SARS-CoV-2 by day 28 as well as T-cell responses. In both studies, adverse events were mild, such as fever, fatigue and pain at the site of injection. There were no severe adverse events in either trial.

Confirmation of these results need to be established in phase 3 trials before roll-out of the vaccine across a wide range of populations and settings. Governments also need to ensure equitable distribution of future COVID-19 vaccines based on detailed evaluation of local country needs and priorities, community engagement, and trust. Global planning is underway for a global remedy which we all desperately need.

Read more in The Lancet here