Cancer52 and the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) at Public Health England (PHE) are delighted to be able to share a film and a report of the very successful Developments in Data for Rare and Less Common Cancers event held on 22nd May 2019.

The report provides a written overview of the whole event and the film includes snippets from several of the event speakers talking about their work and what they hope it will achieve for people with rare and less common cancers.

Lucy Elliss-Brookes, Head of Cancer Analysis at Public Health England said “There was a real buzz in the room throughout the event, with a wide range of people coming together to share and learn about rare and less common cancers. My personal highlight was the patients’ support for the work that we are doing with their data, they could really see that by bringing teams together we can collectively achieve so much more with the data that we work hard to collect and analyse.”

Jane Lyons, CEO of Cancer52 said “We were so proud and pleased to be able to work with PHE/NCRAS on this first jointly organised data event and absolutely delighted that we were able to focus on data around rare and less common cancers.  Our thanks to the PHE/NCRAS team who worked with us on this – the feedback scores pay testament to their work.  My ask now is that the film and the report are shared as widely as possible to encourage those working in the field or thinking about doing so. There’s now a showcase for their work.”

To find out more about the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service at Public Health England click here.

Sharon Kell represents the needs of kidney cancer patients in the UK on the Access to Data Working Group at Cancer52.