Carers’ Rights Day takes place on Thursday 23 November. This annual event seeks to raise awareness of carers’ rights and entitlements, to help carers get the support they need.

Each year Carers UK promotes Carers’ Rights Day where we’re joined by hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals raising awareness of caring, helping to identify carers and signposting them to information, advice and support.

Whether someone has recently become a carer, realised they have been caring for a while without support or has been caring for someone for many years, it’s important they understand their rights and are able to access the support that is available to them whenever they need it.

Carers’ Rights Day empowers carers with information and support. It helps them to feel confident asking for what they need and challenge things when their rights are not being met, whether that be that in the workplace or education, in accessing health or social care, when interacting with other professionals or at home.

For more information about Carers’ Rights Day, please visit the Carers UK website here