At the American Society of  Clinical Oncology Genitourinary Cancers Conference (ASCO GU) last month, results from the CaboPoint study looking at cabozantinib as a second treatment after immunotherapy has stopped working were discussed.

CaboPoint is an ongoing phase 2 study of cabozantinib in people with locally advanced or metastatic kidney cancer that cannot be removed with surgery. These people have been treated with immunotherapy, but their cancer has started to grow again. There are two groups in the study: group A was treated with ipilimumab plus nivolumab, and group B was treated with an immunotherapy plus a targeted treatment (VEGF TKI). When their first treatment stopped working, both groups of patients were treated with cabozantinib until the end of the study (at least 18 months). Here, results from the first 3 months of treatment with cabozantinib are reported.

At the time, 88 patients had 3 months of cabozantinib treatment. At this early stage in the study, cabozantinib has shown some effectiveness in patients with advanced kidney cancer after their first treatment with immunotherapy combinations had stopped working, regardless of which first treatment they had. The CaboPoint trial is ongoing, and the final analysis is expected in September 2023.

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