A recent study, published in Clinical Genitourinary Cancer reports a meta-analysis comparing the tolerability and efficacy of a 2 weeks on treatment/1 week off treatment sunitinib dosing schedule with the traditional 4/2 schedule in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC).

Data from 1173 patients were included in the meta-analysis. The study showed that progression-free survival, overall survival, and stable disease rates were significantly improved on the alternative 2/1 schedule, compared with the traditional 4/2 schedule. However, complete response and partial response rates were comparable between the 2 regimens.

The alternative 2/1 schedule improved the tolerability of sunitinib compared to the traditional schedule. Adverse events like fatigue, hypertension, and diarrhoea were significantly less common.

In conclusion, the alternative 2 weeks on/1 week off sunitinib schedule improved tolerability and survival in patients with metastatic RCC. These findings need to be validated with large randomised trials with long follow-up periods.

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