Quality-of-life (QoL) is very important to patients when they are receiving care and treatment for kidney cancer. In recent years, QoL has become more important and various cancer societies have written guidelines on the collection and reporting of QoL information. This study looks at how current clinical trials are following the European Association of Urology (EAU) kidney cancer guidelines to collect QoL information and how this information is reported.

The EAU database for phase 3 kidney cancer clinical trials was searched. Data related to QoL and/or reporting of QoL were recorded.

The study looked at over 35 clinical trials. None of the trials included QoL as a primary outcome. All of the studies for advanced kidney cancer or adjuvant treatment of kidney cancer (16 studies) reported QoL during and at the end of treatment, 9 (56%) until the cancer got worse, and none until death.

The study found that only 46% of trials reported QoL but over an insufficient period of time. Most kidney cancer studies are not reporting QoL adequately.

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