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During this series of videos, actual kidney cancer patients and carers talk frankly about their experiences, emotions and how to live well with a diagnosis of kidney cancer.
Coping with a diagnosis of kidney cancer
Talking about kidney cancer
A carer’s perspective
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Patient stories

The lives of all these people have been affected by kidney cancer.
Some are patients, some are carers, all are stories by real people. They hope that by sharing their stories, they will help you understand more about living with kidney cancer.

Latest news

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21 Aug 2023

Belzutifan significantly delays progression of advanced kidney cancer after other treatments have failed

15 Aug 2023

Corticosteroids during treatment with nivolumab may not affect survival in kidney cancer

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26 Jul 2023

2022 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey

25 Jul 2023

Partial nephrectomy versus ablation for early stage kidney cancer in the elderly

19 Jul 2023

Early cancer detection test using ctDNA

19 Jul 2023

WECAN Academy 2023

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