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Patients in our own words

During this series of videos, actual kidney cancer patients and carers talk frankly about their experiences, emotions and how to live well with a diagnosis of kidney cancer.
Coping with a diagnosis of kidney cancer
Talking about kidney cancer
A carer’s perspective
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Patient stories

The lives of all these people have been affected by kidney cancer.
Some are patients, some are carers, all are stories by real people. They hope that by sharing their stories, they will help you understand more about living with kidney cancer.

Latest news

12 Apr 2024

Immunotherapy combinations versus TKIs for papillary renal cell carcinoma

9 Apr 2024

CAR T cell immunotherapy shows promise for patients with kidney cancer

9 Apr 2024

Real world data on the use of cabozantinib plus immunotherapy in the second line

25 Mar 2024

How to manage anxiety and depression when you have kidney cancer

12 Mar 2024

Immunotherapy improves survival in kidney cancer patients with brain metastases

8 Mar 2024

Radiotherapy for the management of renal medullary carcinoma

8 Mar 2024

Manchester patient focus group

8 Mar 2024

NICE approves cabozantinib plus nivolumab for advanced kidney cancer

15 Feb 2024

PRISM study highlights possibility of reducing dose of immunotherapy

15 Feb 2024

World-class radiotherapy in the UK

7 Feb 2024

Summary of kidney cancer highlights from ASCO GU 2024

2 Feb 2024

Cancer treatment could identify patients most likely to respond to cancer drugs

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