This article in the Express highlights the 5 key signs of kidney cancer:

  • Blood in urine – if pee is darker than usually or reddish in colour it could be a sign of the disease
  • Pain in the back or side – which occurs just below the ribs could be an indicator
  • Finding a lump or swelling in your side. This, however can be rare as the majority of kidney cancers can be too small to feel
  • High blood pressure can also be a sign of the disease
  • Loss of appetite and and weight loss can also be a warning side.

World Kidney Cancer Day yesterday raised awareness of the disease, including risks, signs and symptoms. Rose Woodward, co-founder and patient advocate of KCSN is quoted as saying:

“Making a significant difference in the lives of patients starts by increasing awareness – knowing the symptoms, knowing treatment options and knowing where to find support. Medical experts agree there is an opportunity for global collaboration to raise awareness about kidney cancer – because when we all work together we are stronger and can have a greater impact than we can alone.”

Read the Express article here