A recent study published on Oncology this month suggests that renal cell carcinoma (RCC) patients may not be able to tolerate the FDA-approved dose of cabozantinib, which was determined from the METEOR and CABOSUN clinical trials.

In the current trial, a median daily dose of 33.2 mg was less than that administered in the METEOR (43 mg) and CABOSUN (50.3 mg) trials. The median dose intensity was 55.4%, which suggested that the patients in the trial were unable to tolerate the FDA-approved dose. However, the length of time patients were on treatment was longer (10.4 months) than the 8.3 months in the METEOR trial and 6.5 months in the CABOSUN trial.

The researchers concluded that further investigation is needed to determine whether a lower daily dose produces similar outcomes as those reported in clinical trials, and whether patients could start at a lower dose to improve tolerability.

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