We need to make sure people with cancer aren’t just surviving longer, but living well too. With 28 other charities, we’re releasing a manifesto calling on the next Government to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. There’s a long way to go to provide people with the cancer treatment and emotional support they deserve. With 1 in 2 people in the UK diagnosed at some point in their lifetime, government action could improve millions of lives and touch every family in the country.

Our joint cancer manifesto, One Cancer Voice, calls the Government to task on items such as NHS workforce, early diagnosis, access to treatment and psychological support, financial distress of patients and families, research, prevention of cancer, post-treatment issues, and social care.

The One Cancer Voice manifesto was sent to the Secretary of State for Health just before Christmas, and signed by 24 cancer charities, including Rose Woodward from KCSN: One Cancer Voice letter

Read the One Cancer Voice manifesto here: One Cancer Voice – Final (1.0)