A recent study by researchers from the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus in Villejuif, France, and lead by Dr Bernard Escudier, reported preliminary data from a small group of patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and brain metastases treated with nivolumab. The study showed that nivolumab shrinks brain tumour volume in 23% of such patients.

Dr Escudier said “This is the first large study to report preliminary safety and efficacy of nivolumab in RCC patients with brain metastases.” The study enrolled 55 patients with RCC and brain metastases to receive nivolumab. Preliminary findings after a median 2.4 months of therapy with nivolumab were presented for these patients. The findings showed that 60% of patients experienced progression-free survival.

The researchers concluded that “Further follow-up is required to determine the real benefit of nivolumab in this group of metastatic RCC patients.”

Read the article in ClinicalOncology here