A new immuno-oncology treatment made by British company, Biotecnol, is about to be tested in early phase clinical trials for patients with advanced solid tumours, in collaboration with Cancer Research UK.

The treatment, called Tb535H, is a T cell engager and the first to be developed by Biotecnol. Tb535H binds to 5T4/WAIF1, a protein found at the surface of tumour cells, and recruits the patient’s T cells to engage and kill the targeted tumour cells. 5T4/WAIF1 is found on most solid tumours, including over 95% of renal cancer tumours, and is thought to contribute to the spread of cancer cells.

Initially, a Phase 1, open-label, dose-escalation trial to evaluate the tolerability of Tb535H and safety against the 5T4/WAIF1 tumour protein, will be conducted at two centres in the UK and will be partially supported by Cancer Research UK. The initial focus of this trial is to evaluate Tb535H’s potential against cancers with high unmet needs, including thoracic cancers, mesothelioma, small-cell lung cancer, and renal cell cancer.

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