Following a chance finding during a lung health screen, a Leeds man discovered that he had kidney cancer. After being spotted early, the cancer was successfully removed.
People taking part in a pioneering lung screening trial in Leeds will now also be checked for kidney cancer following additional funding from Yorkshire Cancer Research.
This pilot study, led by researchers at the University of Cambridge, will investigate whether an extra 10-second scan for kidney cancer can be effectively introduced to mobile lung screening programmes.
The trial focuses specifically on people aged 55 to 80 who smoke or used to smoke, as they are at highest risk of developing lung cancer. People in this group also have a high risk of developing kidney cancer.
From April 2021, those having a Leeds Lung Health Check will have the opportunity to benefit from an additional scan that can find kidney cancer at a very early stage when no symptoms are present.
This study is being led by Grant Stewart, Professor of Surgical Oncology at the University of Cambridge. For more information, please contact us at