The Health and Care Bill received Royal Assent in April following the completion of its passage through the House of Commons and Lords. It is now an Act of Parliament.

As a result of the Health and Care Act, every part of England will now be covered by an integrated care plan. This is a measure brought in as part of the Government’s efforts to deliver more joined up and collaborative healthcare planning, bringing together NHS, local government and wider system partners.

The legislation builds on the proposals for legislative change set out by NHS England in its 2019 Long Term Plan, and also includes measures to ensure the NHS is equipped to deal with the COVID-19 backlog and rebuild health and social care services. It marks an important step in addressing some of the most pressing long-term health challenges facing the country, including an ageing population, chronic conditions, and health inequalities.

There is £36 billion for recovery and reform of the NHS over the next three years through the Health and Care Levy.

Commenting on the Act, Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid MP said: “The Health and Care Act is the most significant change to the healthcare system in a decade and will put it in the strongest possible position to rebuild from the pandemic, backed by our record funding. These measures have broad support and will harness the best ways of working to ensure people are receiving high quality, joined up care.”

Action Kidney Cancer worked with Cancer52, One Cancer Voice and All.Can UK to get the Health and Care Bill through the House of Lords and Parliament.

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