World Kidney Cancer Day 2023

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One challenge kidney cancer patients face is maintaining quality of life. World Kidney Cancer Day 2023 shares experiences and tips from patients and carers around the world that help support physical and mental wellbeing. Whatever your age, whatever your stage, we need to talk about living with kidney cancer.

Patient videos

The following two videos include patients from around the world talking about the support they received and their quality of life while living with kidney cancer:

Talking with family, friends and other patients

Being open with those around you about your cancer, how you’re feeling and what the future holds helps both mental and physical wellbeing. You can also  share experiences and tips with other patients via online or in-person patient support groups.

“I’ve been helped by other people to rebuild my life, and I’ll never forget it.”

Steve, patient from the UK

Global Patient & Carer Symposium
June 15 | 1-2 pm BST

Dr Madhi Sheikh of the International Agency for Research on Cancer will lead a panel of patients, carers and experts from around the world in a one-hour discussion about maintaining quality of life when living with kidney cancers. Topics will include talking with family and friends, joining a patient support group, the importance of nutrition, physical activity and other factors that affect patients’ physical and mental wellbeing.

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In Our Own Words videos

The following videos include kidney cancer patients from the UK talking about living with kidney cancer:

Talking about kidney cancer

Steve, Lynne, and Alison talk emotionally about how they felt when they were told they had kidney cancer, whether they had any support from healthcare professionals to help them deal with the diagnosis, and how they told family and friends of their diagnosis. They also discussed the implications of their diagnosis on their employment and finances.

Living with early stage kidney cancer

Lynne and Andy talk about how long they have been cancer-free and what changes they have had to make to their lifestyles. They also talk about how they have coped emotionally and physically, and what follow-up they have had after surgery.

To watch more videos of patients and carers talking about their experiences of living with kidney cancer, visit our In Our Own Words page.

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