Hosting a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

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As the host you choose how big or small you want your event to be, starting by:

Date – Select a date suitable to you and give your family and friends a month’s notice of your plans. If you are unable find a suitable date during the summer months, you can hold a Mad Hatter’s tea party to suit your diary.

Time – Give yourself enough time to organise your event, if it is a small event it will not take long to organise but if bigger give yourself enough time to do this and get friends to help by supplying some of the sweet treats and crockery on the day for example.

Venue – Where you are hosting your event, this could be at home, in the garden, at work, in a local community centre or hall or virtually.

Food – If hosting a virtual event you could deliver afternoon teas in advance or have your friends make their own and enjoy together on the day with your mad hat. If you are hosting an event then start baking in advance to lighten the load and ask your guests to donate something.

Prizes – Host a raffle this is a great way to raise some funds, ask local businesses to provide some prizes and you could run a competition for the best cake.

Decorations – whether you’re at home or in a hall, making everything look attractive and is part of the fun.

Keep checking for any Government guidelines on social distancing in your area. Make sure to have plenty of space and easy access.

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