Recent findings presented at the International Kidney Cancer Symposium (IKCS) in North America last week showed that physical activity or exercise appeared to improve mental and physical health in people with kidney cancer. These findings show how important it is to be active to improve quality of life for patients or survivors.

In the study, the researchers reviewed information from 576 people who said that they had a diagnosis of kidney cancer.

More than half (62.3%) of the people in the study said they had taken part in physical activity in the previous 30 days. About a third of people said their physical health was not good for 14 days or more, and 12.9% said their mental health was not good for 14 days during this time.

Those people who did exercise or physical activity appeared significantly less likely to report worse mental health status or poor physical status. There was a 59% reduction in the risk of poor mental health in those people who did physical activity or exercise in the 30 days before the survey took place. Also, physical activity may help to avoid or prevent some side effects of treatment.

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