Community diagnostic centres have been set up across England to tackle the COVID-19 backlogs:

  • Community diagnostic centres have now delivered over 2 million vital tests, checks and scans since July 2021, helping to tackle the COVID-19 backlogs and speed up access to services for patients
  • This milestone comes as Health and Social Care Secretary approved 10 new sites which will deliver CT scans, MRIs and X-rays across England on 11 October 2022
  • This forms part of the government’s ambition to roll out up to 160 centres across the country by 2025 to deliver millions more vital checks.

These centres are busting the COVID-19 backlogs by speeding up access to lifesaving tests. The one-stop shops are backed by £2.3 billion in government funding. They offer a range of services in the heart of communities, making tests more accessible for patients.

Based in community settings such as shopping centres and football stadiums, the hubs house a range of cutting-edge equipment, including MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound scanners. They offer services including blood tests or heart rhythm and blood pressure monitoring. They are designed to speed up diagnosis of conditions from cancer to heart or lung disease.

Read more in the government press release here