We have had a request from a not-for-profit organisation called Vocal that creates opportunities for people to find out about health research in Greater Manchester and to have a voice in this research. Below is a letter from Vocal asking for help with one of their projects:

My name is Zahra and I work for Vocal (www.wearevocal.org) at Manchester Foundation Trust. We bring people together to connect with health research.

I came across Action Kidney Cancer and was impressed by the work and contributions it has made and would be keen to invite you to our upcoming public and patient involvement opportunity.

We are looking to recruit 6 people who;                                                         

  • Have direct experience of radiotherapy treatment for cancer, ideally but not limited to lung cancer. And/or those who have cared for loved ones who have had experience of radiotherapy

We are also looking for 8 people who;  

  • Have a keen interest in cancer research and public involvement

The opportunity involves attending a two day ‘citizens jury’ in Manchester from 10-4pm on the 11th and 12th May to give your opinions on bettering treatments to improve survival rates in cancer patients.

No research experience is needed and people will be paid £300 for their involvement over the two days. Travel expenses will also be covered if you live within Greater Manchester.

For more information click here.

If you are interested please email Zahra for a friendly phone call.

Thank you