As part of our preparations for World Kidney Cancer Day this Thursday 21 June and to raise awareness of this devastating disease, Lancashire man, Peter Flynn, shared his story with the Lancashire Evening Post yesterday.

Peter was diagnosed with kidney cancer 10 years ago after donating blood flagged up a problem. It was a spur of the moment decision that had life-changing consequences.

Read Peter’s story in the Lancashire Evening Post here

Alarming statistics reveal that one person dies from kidney cancer every two hours in the UK. Early diagnosis is the key to saving lives. World Kidney Cancer Day hopes to raise awareness of this deadly disease and highlight the need for more research and better understanding of the warning signs.

Peter said, “Being a blood donor saved my life by picking up signs of kidney cancer. Thank you Lancashire Evening Post for profiling World Kidney Cancer Day. Visit the World Kidney Cancer Day website to take the 2-minute quiz. So often kidney cancer is diagnosed by chance.”